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NoBuffer Notepad


NoBuffer Notepad is a text-editor licensed under GPLv3, it mainly focuses on processing extremely large text files (10+ GB) which most notepads do not support due to using direct buffering when loading text. NoBuffer Notepad instead uses a method to chop text files into "blocks" (Which their size can be defined by the user) to allow the reading of supreme sized files while still maintaining speed, stability and flexibility in moving through different blocks. A user can also edit those blocks and save them to the original file without losing any information.


Main Features:

  • Reading and editing extremely large files (And small ones).
  • Multi-threading to allow fast processing of each file in its own thread.
  • Cross-platform.
  • Suitable for editing wordlists.
  • Low CPU/RAM usage.


NoBuffer Notepad was tested on a 27 GB wordlist and was able to edit it without any problems.


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